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Alex Prager, must be one of my favorite photographers! She always gives her work a certain 50’s-hollywood-movies-vibe

Plexi Handcuff, &Other Stories

Gimme now <3

Artist: Beth Hoeckel <3

Mira Loma Hotel in Palm Springs, 1960’s. 
Take me there now.

Probably the most beautiful student housing project in the entire world named Tietgencollegiet designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg in Copenhagen. I visited it myself and was really impressed!

Frank & Frey <3 Old time favorite.

I. Want. It. But it’s from Lanvin and really expensive :’(


(Bron: omoimono, via thepublicimage)

American artist Rod Mc Rae makes pretty cool stuff. Installation called ‘this disney world’.

U.S. Pavillion in Montreal, build by Buckminster Fuller. This guy was obsessed with these spherical structures. 

Picture of  inside the Eden Project, Cornwall.



OMG WANT (matches my hologram nailpolish ^^)


Girl on a bicycle, 1970s. Photo by Werner Bokelberg.